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Analog Input 4 Channels, TEMP. Controller, RTD Input

Mã sản phẩm: ST-3714/ST-3734
Tên sản phẩm: Analog Input 4 Channels, TEMP. Controller, RTD Input

ST-3714/ST-3734 Input Specification

Number of Inputs

4 Channels
Indicators 1 Green/Red Fn-Bus state
4 Green LEDs/ch
- Ready (R)
- Sensor Error (E)
- Alarm Output (A)
- Process Output for SSR (P)/Process Output current(P)
Sensor Types - RTD Input/ch, - PT100, PT50
- JPT100, - CU20, - TBD
Control Method P, PI, PD, PID with Auto tuning (Limit Cycle Method), On/Off (PB=0)
Control Output ST-3714: 1 DC-Sink PWM Output for SSR control (11~28.8Vdc)
               1 DC-Sink Alarm Output (11~28.8Vdc)
ST-3734: 1 Current Output (4~20mA, 12bit Resolution)
               1 DC-Sink Alarm Output (18~28.8Vdc)
Excitation Current for RTD 1mA
Parameter Setting NA-9112(DeviceNet), NA-9715(DeviceNet, Serial), NA-9785(Ethernet, Serial), TBD
Proportional Band (PB) 0.0~1000.0℃
Integral Time (Ti) 0~3600sec
Derivative Time (Td) 0~3600sec
Control Cycle (Tc) 0.5sec fixed
Sample Time (Ts) 0.5sec fixed
Module Accuracy ±0.1℃ FS@25℃ or 1℃, TBD
Etc Functions ARW, MR, Temp. Offset, Hysteresis (On/Off ) TBD
General Specification
Power Dissipation Max. 200mA@5.0Vdc, TBD
Isolation I/O to Control Logic : Photocoupler Isolation
DC Module (Included Analog Module) : Terminal Block to F.G 500Vac/1min
Field power Supply Voltage : 24Vdc Nominal / Voltage Range : 11~28.8Vdc
Wiring I/O Cable up to AWG22 / Unit Connector : HIF3BA-20PA-2.54DSA
Mate Connector : HIF3C-20D-2.54C, HIF3BA-20D-2.54C / Mate Crimp Pin : HIF3C-2226SCA
Weight 100g, TBD
Module Size 12mm x 99mm x 70mm



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